About Us

EASTNOVA studio provides video production and post production services in Boston, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We also travel in other regions of North America, for example, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, to provide filming, remote post-production, and streaming media technology support services to help our clients achieve online, real-time broadcasting.

EASTNOVA has extensive experience in audio synthesis, multi-camera editing, and onsite filming. By providing complete video production services, including guidance on project planning, scripting and visual arts, as well as post-production editing, we can help our clients in publication of their own video programs.

These programs include:

  • Performance Arts Programs
    Performances and Rehearsals
    Arts organizations
    Introduction or Instruction of Performance Art Works
  • Corporate Video Programs
    Corporate Events
    Education and Training Programs
    Training Seminars
    Capital or Fund Raising
    Investor Relations
    Marketing / Promotions
    Introduction, Demostration, and Customer Testimonial of Products or Services
    Business Plan, Production or Service Plan
  • Individual or Group Video Programs
    Personal Biography
    Special Experience of Life
    Music, Dance, Painting, Opera
    Lecture or Speech
    Sports Training
    Family Gatherings
    Video Resume
    Fundraising or Donations

The video programs we produced will be filmed in 4K UHD 3840 x 2160, Full HD 1920X1080 or in HD 1280X720 format. The deliverables could be in DVD disc (PAL / NTSC) format or in high-definition Blu-ray disc format.